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        The Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is a part of Veda. "Jyotish" is "Jyoti" of "Isha" meaning Light of God. The Vedic Astrology is 'Divine Light' for the welfare of the humanity. This web site has been launched in order to spread this light by upgrading the predictive skills of the practitioners of Vedic Astrology. This web is for the 'initiates' of the Vedic Astrology.


              It has been observed that people having formal qualification of Vedic Astrology fail to grasp the comprehensiveness of the subject to enable them to make effective predictions. There is vast literature - classical and modern commentaries - on each branch of this esoteric science. It is often difficult for an individual to retrieve or use them properly while reading a horoscope.  In order to fill this gap specially analyzed 'Prediction Sheets' (hereinafter called the Sheets) have been prepared by Vishnu Bhaskar, Jyotishacharya after carefully reviewing the literature on each of the branch of Vedic Astrology -

Vedic Astrology, Prashna Shastra (the Science of Horary), Chakra prediction, Jaimini Astrology, Vowel Science and Vastushastra. Such sheets have been prepared for other predictive sciences, namely - Palmistry, Numerology and Tarot Reading. These Sheets have been prepared keeping in view the needs of the querist. This would facilitate the astrologer while making a reading.

 Procedure for admission:

1.   This site is for the 'initiates' of Vedic Astrology. In case you are seeking admission in the Institute, you should have following qualification:

a.   Degree/Diploma in Vedic Astrology 


b.   Informal training in Vedic Astrology and a minimum of two year's experience of making horoscopes and reading of the same.

2.   A person having above qualification or experience would be admitted to the Institute after the required Registration Form is received and accepted by the Institute.


1.   The first step would be to enhance predictive skills in Vedic Astrology proper. Depending upon the situation Sheets will be dispatched to the student in instalments. The repeat dispatches will be made after receipt of the Feedback Form on understanding of the earlier Sheets.

2.   The Sheets on other branches would be send at the your choice after completion of the Vedic Astrology module. However, if it is felt other wise, the Institute may permit the student to register for other branches earlier. 


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